Join us for an epic adventure!

Experience the Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast with her strong Atlantic currents and swirling fog has sent many a ship to an early grave. This remote area with her changing moods is one of the most isolated areas in the whole of Africa and she is waiting for you to explore her wonders of nature.

A wilderness like no other awaits, the park is 500km long starting at the Ugab River in the South to the Kunene River in the North. This is a place of beauty and tranquillity where one will find the true meaning of solitude. The park is known for its scenic beauty, endless landscapes with colourful plains, mountains and dunes. It is made for the avid adventurer and a photographer’s dream destination.

The Ugab, Uniab, Hoanib, Hoarusib and Khumib rivers are essential to the park and the ecology. These oases are the subsistence for the Gemsbok (Oryx), Springbok, Cape Fur Seals, Ostrich, Brown Hyena, Leopard and Jackals. One may also find the endangered Desert Lion, Black Rhino and Desert Adapted Elephants along the riverbeds.

Join us for a true unique experience through this untamed wilderness, where one can still see minerals covering the sand and mountains, and massive sand dunes stretching all the way to the Kunene River. What is left of the numerous shipwrecks all have their own stories to tell of endurance, bravery and unfortunately in many cases, tragedy.

The Skeleton Coast Tourism Concession supports neighbouring communities in development, social, health and infrastructure projects. Each explorer on this epic expedition contributes to the legacy of the OvaHimba and OvaHerero people who have inhabited these unforgiving landscapes since the beginning of time…