Kunene Exclusive

Fully catered private Skeleton Coast safari


Aimed at those who travel exclusively and prefer to take the back seat and let our team cater for all their needs throughout the tour. We transport you in one of our comfortable safari vehicles and setup your tent & other amenities daily throughout the tour. Mouthwatering breakfasts, lunches and dinners are prepared by our chef and served under the clear African skies.

Example Itinerary


We depart Windhoek heading towards Swakopmund. If you already happen to be in Swakopmund, we’ll be happy to meet you there!

*Overnight in a Guest House. (Lunch and dinner)


Leaving Swakopmund in the early morning, we’ll head north towards the entrance of the Skeleton Coast National Park. We stop at the Uniab Delta where we’ll take a 30-minute walk towards an unanticipated waterfall. A vast array of birds provides a beautiful sight in the reed–encircled waterholes. After lunch, we’ll continue north passing through the Hoanib River until we reach Terrace Bay. This will be our last fuel stop for the next week or so.

*Overnight at Mowe Bay Beach Camp. (All meals)

DAY 3:

After a warm breakfast, the journey north continues. Many interesting stops will be made along the way, particularly seeing the engine and remains of the Ventura Bomber that crashed after a failed rescue attempt in 1942. Entering from the Hoarusib River, keep your eyes peeled for herds of Oryx and Springbok. This river is also celebrated for sightings of Black Rhino, Desert-Adapted Elephants, Brown Hyenas and the very rare Desert Lions.

*Overnight at Khumib River. (All meals)

DAY 4:

Leaving the idyllic Khumib Valley, we continue north through the most colourful landscapes the park has to offer. This area is extremely sensitive, so we’ll take special care not to leave any footprints behind. Our next stop will be at the Sarusa mine which is no longer operational, but scatterings of quartz and amethyst crystals still decorate the area. After, we’ll pop over to the Sarusa, not too far away and a significant water point for Oryx, Springbok, Brown Hyena, Ostrich and at times even the Lion. After stopping at the Agate Mountain, we’ll set up camp for the night.

*Overnight at Agate Mountain. (All meals)

DAY 5:

Bring on some beach driving! We’ll pass Angra Fria; initially intended as a harbour during the 1960s, but the ultimate decision was that the area was too uninhabitable. Further north, we’ll reach the Dunedin Star shipwreck remains with one of the shelters that survivors settled in. Not much of the wreckage is visible, but listening to the tale of the rescue mission will make one fully understand why it’s called the Skeleton Coast. Around lunch time, we’ll reach the Kunene river mouth. The Kunene originates in the Angola Highlands and makes its way through desert and mountains where it forms a delta in the Atlantic Ocean. The river hosts plenty of Freshwater Fish, Nile Crocodiles, Green and Soft-Shell Turtles. After a wondrous exploration of the mouth, we’ll head east into the dune belt. We’ll set up camp near the bank of the river.

*Overnight at the Kunene River. (All meals)

DAY 6:

During our final day in the park, we’ll continue east. The day is majorly spent manoeuvring through the spectacular desert scenery. There will be plenty of stops as the guides read the changing dunes and gauge what lies behind them. Herds of Oryx, making their way down to the river, are a common and welcome sight. We’ll rest for the night close to the Serra Cafema Falls.

*Overnight: Serra Cafema Falls. (All meals)

DAY 7:

Staying off the beaten track, we’ll head south to the Hoarusib River. Once again, we enter the territory of the Desert Elephants, Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards and Hyenas. Passing Hoarusib Canyon, we’ll advance to the small town of Purros where we will overnight at the community campsite.

*Overnight: Community campsite. (All meals)

DAY 8:

Next stop: The Hoada Campsite! The site is owned and operated by the local Damara community in conjunction with the nearby Grootberg Lodge. These 3 private campsites are nestled among large granite boulders and mopane trees. Each site has a private bathroom including a shower and a flush toilet. A clever touch is the braai (barbeque) area being linked to the hot water system, so while your dinner cooks on an open flame, you effectively heat your shower water. Perfect!

*Overnight: Hoada campsite. (All meals)

DAY 9:

Our adventure ends back in Windhoek at around 14:00.


Itineraries are done on a private basis only with rates available upon request.